Caissa has ceased publication

Dear readers of the journal Caissa, dear friends of the history of chess and other board games, it is with great regret that I have to announce that Caissa has ceased publication. I would like to thank you for your interest in this journal, for your kind letters, for your helpful

Caissa 6 (2/2018) Published

The focus of the new edition of the Caissa is on the chess game in different contexts. Our authors look at greats like Philidor and Steinitz and chess cities like London, Berlin and Vienna. With the third part, Siegfried Schönle also completes his extensive work on chess in the Buchenwald

Caissa 5 (1/2018) published

In the most comprehensive edition of Caissa (1/2018) so far, ten authors present on 110 pages a varied selection of exciting topics from the world of board games: from Ancient India to the present, from play as a literary motif to tournament chess. Extracts can be found in the linked

Caissa 4 published

We are happy to announce the publishing of the fourth edition of Caissa. In this 2nd edition of 2017 we present 13 authors with different articles about the research of board games. In this issue one focus is about the German chess master Oskar Codel, whom we dedicate 3 articles.

Caissa 3 published

We are happy to announce the publishing of the third edition of Caissa. The journal is fuel of interesting articles considering different subjects. A list of the topics and authors, as well as three extracts are to be found at Caissa 1/2017. With many thanks to our authors and associates, we