caissa-2016-01-cover-433x600The Journal

Caissa is an academic journal for the history of chess and other board games from the earliest beginnings to the present. There will be two issues per annum with approximately 90 pages. Articles will be published in English or German with a summary in the other language.

Single editions of Caissa can be ordered (14,90 €) via eMail, info(at) or our via our contact form or through the Web-Shop of Chaturanga. (German Kontaktformular)
For an subscription of Caissa (special discount price of 12,90 € per issue, can be terminated after minimum acceptance of two issues, with a deadline of two months to the end of the year) please contact us via eMail, info(at) or our via our contact form.

About Caissa

Caissa is the goddess or muse of Chess. The first time this mythological figure was mentioned was in the poem “Scacchia ludus”, written in 1525 by the Italian humanist Marco Girolamo Vida. While Vida calls her “Scacchis”, 250 years later (1763) in the poem “Caissa” by the English author Sir William Jones she is referred to with her now familiar name. The poem is about the nymph Caissa, for whom the Roman god of war Mars invents chess to conquer her heart.

Caissa is in today’s chess a well-known term and eponymous for many chess clubs. The numerous historical references to Caissa in art and literature prompted the publishers of this magazine to use her name as the title of the new publication.